A late-night cafe not far from Coney Island,
a man looks up at the waiter,
water is a sin!!
So, give me gin,
because how am I supposed to contemplate the world drinking an ocean?
an ocean will only take my mind nowhere and not out of here,
because the world is as bad as it has always been,
so, give me gin!!
And spare me the excuses,
for though I may seem a little drunken to you,
I can out argue the world,
and though I could show you what I mean,
you would be here your whole life,
so, bring me gin,
bring me gin!!
Bring me a gin and I will drink gin to the end,
and I will toast this life,
and I will toast departed friends,
and though I will probably drink myself to death,
that will be better than this life will have been,
so, give me gin,
lots of gin!!
And watch me grin,
watch me grin.

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