The rain

Easily and happily sometimes forgotten the rain,the tears of joy,the tears of pain.Oh, the rain, the rain, the rain,in its never ending refrain.The rain that […]

person holding a cardboard poster

Mean hearts

Mean hearts,mean minds,greed causing poverty and homelessness,oh, the intolerable cruelty of ego and self that leads the blind into such despicable ways,that causes the rising […]

Almost night

Almost night,almost here,almost done, the daylight,the daylight that I cheer,the daylight that I hold so dear,the daylight that so rapidly disappears this time of year,and […]


Beauty,simplicity,little complexity,no stress,no mess,a butterfly,a butterfly flying gently through the air,a butterfly gently beating its wings,the power, the power seemingly from nowhere,nowhere at all.Oh, the […]