Like a bullet from a gun, you run.
You head towards the chaos,
you like the danger,
you like the pandemonium,
because it excites you,
and you like the destruction,
but unfortunately,
you are not the only one.
Like a bullet from a gun you run,
and you head towards the chaos,
and you wage war with your fists.
You wage war with knives,
you wage war with bombs,
you wage war with guns,
because there is evil in you,
and you prefer death to life,
and how happily you head towards chaos,
like a bullet from a gun.
Oh, what has become of you,
for humanity has lost someone,
and what has become of others like you,
because many lay in war graves,
and though there is no humanity in killing someone,
war is hell,
and you have to give it all that you have got,
yes, you have to give it all that you have got,
until your blood it soaks the earth,
and you are killed,
and the earth is no better,
no better off.

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