Broken sleep,
broken sleep and sunshine.
Sunshine streaming through,
fluffy clouds in the sky.
A dream,
a dream gone quickly in the blink of an eye.
An awakening,
an awakening and a sigh,
as I watch the world outside as the clock upon the wall it ticks and it tocks,
and time passes slowly as the sun sets itself in the sky,
and as I eat my breakfast, I contemplate the empty bed where you were laying just yesterday,
and I think to myself how quickly you can miss someone,
how quickly and although you are only gone away for a week,
it seems longer than just a day,
just a day since you have left and I cannot wait for your return,
and as I sit here in the air, I smell you and the fragrance that you wear,
and I look at your photographs and with you smiling back at me,
it is not as bad, but I have you in my memories,
and as they say,
absence makes the heart grow fonder,
and my heart how it aches for you,
but you are always in my heart no matter where you are, and wherever you will be,
and as I sit in the sunshine,
I sit thinking of you,
I sit thinking of you, and I am happy,
and you too I am sure are thinking of me,
I am sure you are thinking of me,
as you travel across the sea.

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