I am just making a point,
you broke my heart,
and I,
I got a new start,
and we went our separate ways,
and you left in a blaze,
and I,
I turned to the dark,
I turned to the dark,
and I left you and you left me with disparaging remarks,
and the fire it burned, and I threw your love letters upon it,
and destroyed all the beautiful words that had filled my soul and my heart,
yes, I threw them all on as your disparaging and bitter words shattered my heart,
bitter words that left me alone in the dark,
and me sinking into drinking,
drinking with anger in my heart in the park,
and drinking at home,
and drinking far more than was good for me,
and drinking myself unconscious under the stars where I often roamed alone,
where I prefer to be,
and where I am happier to be,
which is better than with you,
and here under the stars,
I gaze at their beauty, happy to br distracted,
as I try to forget you and nurse my wounded and broken heart.

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