Awful as it seems what a thrill there is in your peculiarities,

yes you,

you who stand in the street and shout such eccentricities,

you who bombard everyone with your surrealisms and such strange expressions,

and oh, how you make me smile and at the same time what happiness you bring to me,

and I would give you a tip,

but you are not busking, and you do it all for free,

and how I laugh,

and how I feel slightly guilty at taking pleasure in your eccentricities, but you seem to be happy,

you seem to be happy and you brighten my day and I always go away with a smile on my face every time I pass by you, and though you are a fool to some,

you are a lovable character to me,

and how much poorer life would be without you how much poorer life would be.

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