Should I go away,

should I go away for my heart aches,

and it breaks upon the rocks of yesterday,

so, should I go away,

should I go away forever and day,

for you lured me onto the rocks and destroyed me with your vicious ways,

and you did not care truly for what I had to say,

and you were barbarous with your ways and savagery,

and you left a bitter taste in my mouth,

a taste that I could not get rid of,

and I am bitter to this day,

bitter to this day,

and you are far away, and you are happy,

and I begrudge you your happiness because I am in misery,

and broken upon the rocks,

broken upon the rocks that I cannot still seem to get up off of to this day,

and such is life’s way,such is life’s way and far too often filled with shocks.

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