I lay,
amongst the memories,
amongst the letters,
amongst the photographs,
on the bed,
with clear memories and also hazy memories drifting through my head,
yes, memories,
memories of places been,
and conversations with friends,
and happy days and sad days,
and blue skies and greys,
and the beauties of the world,
and the worlds ugly realities,
passing through my mind,
and also, such joy passing through my heart and my head,
and oh, what a wonder it is,
what a wonder,
the visions that I have seen,
and the emotions that I have felt,
and the experiences,
glorious ebullient wonderful times that I slumber in,
that I slumber in as the sunlight through the windows it filters in,
and what relaxation there is in my imagination,
as I revisit them,
and as I think of them,
and the glow of happiness it fills me from within,
my eyelids they slowly begin to close,
as I think of the things that I still want to do,
and the places that I wish to visit,
and as I do, I fall asleep,
and I dream,
I dream of them and of new possibilities,
in the sunlight amongst my old memories,
in the warmth of the day,
as my mind it whirls away,
and I sleep,
I sleep in between the old memories and the new,
and to far off destinations I do travel,
to sights that I have never seen,
and I meet people that I have never met,
and it is a wonderful dream,
a goal,
a dream within a dream,
time out of life,
time in between,
the future and the past,
as I go forwards and backwards in a dream,
and there is happiness and excitement and anticipation
with the body asleep,
and the mind it is filled with bombastic activity,
yes, oh, the brain, what a wonderful machine,
what a wonderful machine.

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