Almost night,
almost here,
almost done, the daylight,
the daylight that I cheer,
the daylight that I hold so dear,
the daylight that so rapidly disappears this time of year,
and yet, when it goes I do not cry,
and instead, I look for the great beauty in the sky,
and I look for the beauty in the stars and the heavens above,
and I do not favour the day over the night,
or the night over the day,
and between them, neither is above,
neither is above the other,
because both of them I love,
and the sun is in my heart always,
and so too, the stars up above,
and how they do so wonderfully capture my heart and my imagination,
and how wonderfully and happily they bring such great inspiration,
even on the darkest of nights,
and also even on the coldest of nights,
what great spectacular effervescent beauty Is the light that does come from up above,
yes, the light from up above that does bring such great fascination,
the light that stirs the heart and the imagination,
and that lights the fire in my heart,
the fire that lights the sparks,
the sparks that encourages the creation in my creative arts,
and that do spur the words that I do so rapidly impart,
upon the page,
that I hope do inspire,
wherever though art,
and here I am,
under the stars that do hang so gloriously above,
and what a beauteous wonder they are to see,
and what great magical wonder they are to me,
wherever on the Earth I be,
and in their grand and in their glorious presence,
I am overwhelmed by their majestic beauty,
and their grand and their glorious elegance,
and how happy them I am to see,
yes, how happy I am,
here alone on my own,
a single human being,
beneath the incredible and the majestical light,
that does shine so bright,
and that does shine so gloriously upon me,
a single human being,
sat upon a beach,
listening to the sound of the waves and the sea,
the waves crashing so powerfully down upon the beach before me,
and as I stare up at the heavens above,
the heavens that I love,
the heavens that one day I hope to see,
that I hope to see up close,
oh, what a wonderful thought that is,
and what a wonderful place it would be to be and to see,
but now, here in this moment,
how happy I am in their presence,
and in their elegance,
and my heart,
how my heart it leaps at the beauty before me that I do see
the beauty that I do revel in,
and what wonders there up above in the heavens that I do love,
that do so capture the rapture,
and the splendour,
and the wonder of existence,
as I sit upon the beach under the wonders of the heavens above,
the heavens that I love,
yes, what a wonder it is this bliss,
me and the heavens above,
the heavens that I love,
and here as I sit,
I am at one with them,
and they are at one with me,
and what a grand night it will be,
what a grand night when you join me,
and when we hold each other close under the heavens above,
and we gaze into each others eyes so in love,
and as the waves crash upon the shore,
and the heavens leave us wanting more,
your kisses,
your kisses they are heaven upon the Earth to me,
and how happy I am and in their delights, and so too, with you,
as the waves do crash so loudly upon the shore,
and we sit happily and calmly and contentedly,
under the heavens above,
beside the roaring sea,
beside the roaring sea.

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