A day,
some way,
to somewhere,
to where,
apart from the city,
the city,
for which,
I do not care,
for I,
am sick,
of the city air,
and I,
am leaving,
with no despair,
and so,
with a smile,
upon my face,
I run,
a mile,
to catch the bus,
out of the city,
the city,
which brings me stress,
the city where,
there is no peace,
and no relief,
from the constant anxieties,
and the rushing,
about the place,
which only,
brings me despair,
and how happy I am,
with my plan,
to enjoy,
a day away,
upon the beach,
with my towel,
and my food and drink,
as the waves,
lap at my feet,
and the waves,
crash down,
and I,
admire the beauty,
and wash away,
wash away my cares.

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