Vladimir Putin is a cabbage,

and he only has one brain cell,

and when he uses it,

it doesn’t go too well,

yes, Vladimir Putin is a cabbage

and his thoughts are designed to send everyone to hell,

and well,

his ideas they stink,

and are enough to drive you to drink 

but what else can we expect,

from a man whose brain is as useful as a cabbage,

not too much,

because he has no humanity,

and he is totally nuts,

totally nuts,

as far as we can tell,

and the human race,

the human race is mostly upon the same page,

and most agree,

Vladimir Putin is the biggest dictator,

the biggest despot of the age,

and about him we should all shout and rage,

because Vladimir Putins brain is a cabbage,

and his brain cannot manage too well,

and no he cannot manage being polite and civil,

and the words he comes out with are utter drivel,

because he is a crazy,

crazy lunatic,

a crazy lunatic full of shit,

and he likes murdering people regularly,

and the only thing he is good at is murdering people quite well,

and that is the only thing that apparently makes him happy,

yes Vladimir Putin, 

Vladimir Putin you should wear a nappy,

because your ideas are crappy,

yes Vladimir wear a nappy!

Because you are one of the craziest war mongering lunatics,

on the planet,

and we just cannot stand it,

and your mother would for you not have planned it,

oh, Vladimir Putin,

you are a lunatic,

a lunatic that makes everyone sick,

a lunatic who from common sense and humanity is divorced,

yes, you are an ugly evil man with a cabbage for a brain that wages war,

a terrible dictator,

who has no morality at all,

no morality at all,

yes Vladimir, you are a plain awful man with evil plans,

a man as crazy as Hitler,

who is despicable and idiotic,

who with each day grows more crazier than before.

Oh, Vlad, Vladimir, Vladimir Putin, when will you disappear,

because you are the most imbecilic disgusting war criminal of all,

and even to your Mother,

even to your mother you would be shameful,

Oh, Vlad, Vladimir, Vladimir Putin, 

please, please disappear,

becaused you have killed so many innocent civilians,

in cold blood,

because of your crazy ideas,

and you really don’t care at all,

you really dont care at all about the Bombing of hospitals and children’s schools,

the slaughtered innocent Ukranians or your slaughtered Russian troops at all,

Oh, Vladimir, crazy Vladimir,

your ideas are no good at all,

so, please, please disappear Vladimir,

you are a man with a cabbage for a brain,

who has gone insane,

who has gone insane,

why should the Ukranian people have to put up with you at all, 

and the Russian people who suffer too,

and the Russian people who often protest you the ignorant fool,

the ignorant fool that you are Vladimir,

the fool who arrests people and sends them to fight, when they oppose you,

oh, crazy Vlad, crazy Vladimir,

why should anyone in the world have to put up with you at all?

You are a man, with a cabbage for a brain who has gone insane,

you are a man, with a cabbage for a brain who has gone insane,

insane in the brain,

like no one before,

and you must be insane,

threatening to start a nuclear war!

A nuclear war!

Oh, Vlad, Vladimir, Crazy Vladimir,

won’t you please disappear,

please disappear,

and the save the world from fear,

and save the world from your insane ideas,

and your mass murdering ways,

that are no good at all,

Yes, Vlad, Vladimir, Vladimir Putin,

you are terrible,

you are the biggest idiot of all,

you are the man with a cabbage for a brain,

who is damaging the world with his evil,

the man who has gone insane,

and who is causing so much pain,

and murdering people far too regularly,

because of your insane ideology,

you really are a lunatic,

you really are a man,

an evil man who has no humanity at all!!!